Auto Repair Frisco TX: Four Reasons Your Car Will Thank You for Getting an Oil Change

1. Oil Stress When you change out the oil in your vehicle, it is not supposed to last forever. Due to the high operating temperatures it experiences as you drive, its components will eventually start to break down. When your oil lacks necessary additives and lubrication abilities, components of your car’s engine will start to rub together and wear down.

2. Buildup As the oil in your vehicle begins to get older, dirt and debris will start to build up within it and cause problems with your car’s internal functions. In addition to preventing your car from working as efficiently as possible, this buildup can potentially lead to your engine overheating. Remember, dealing with engine problems is typically much more expensive than replacing your car’s oil on a regular basis.

3. Clogged Filters One of the perks of going to your mechanic for auto repair Frisco TX is that they will replace your old oil filter with a new one. The main role of this filter is to keep harmful substances, like sludge, from getting to your engine. However, if you don’t get your oil changed regularly and drive around with an old filter, it may become clogged with particles, combustion gunk, and other substances that can prevent enough oil getting through to keep your engine lubricated. If not enough oil is getting to your engine, this could cause it to break down.

4. Leaks In many vehicles, small amounts of coolant or gasoline can leak into the oil. Although this is usually a rare problem, leaks can contaminate your oil and eventually lead to engine failure. Without getting an oil change, you may never know that this issue is present until it’s too late.

Visiting your auto repair Frisco TX shop for regular oil changes is the foundation of maintaining your vehicle. If it’s been a while since your last oil change, make it a priority to take your car in as soon as possible — your car will thank you later.

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Description: Going into your auto repair Frisco TX shop for regular oil changes is one of the best ways to extend the life of your vehicle and prevent expensive problems.