Auto Mechanics Frisco TX: Temperatures are Rising! Need to Inspect Your Vehicle’s AC?

How can you tell if your AC may need to be seen by our expert auto mechanics Frisco TX? The best, and most obvious, answer is to test it. Is the air warmer than it should be? Perhaps the air is blasting at you with full “oomph” but it’s warm as can be. Perhaps the air feels cool, yet it has the opposite problem and refuses to even reach those sitting in the front seat. Another indicator of an AC issue is when the air in your vehicle takes longer than it should to cool down. Of course, most vehicles take a couple of minutes to cool down after sitting in the sun for an extended period of time. This is normal and can be expected, especially if your vehicle is a dark color such as black or blue. But if the cool air doesn’t arrive for several minutes, it’s time for a check-up.

What can you expect when you bring your vehicle into us for an AC inspection? Our number one priority is to correctly diagnose and treat any issue the car may be experiencing, whether AC or otherwise. You can expect a thorough check of your system. Our ASE-certified technicians use the most effective, up-to-date tools and equipment to get the job done. When you visit our auto mechanics Frisco TX shop, you can be sure we will fix the root problem with your AC quickly and accurately, rather than simply addressing symptoms.

Many of our customers who are in need of air conditioning system repairs or maintenance ask what exactly we do to address an AC problem. Your AC system relies on refrigerant to keep you cool on those sweltering summer days. When the refrigerant is too low or high, the AC is bound to act up. Because of this, we empty your vehicle of refrigerant and measure it to see if the level is where it should be. We will inspect your vehicle for any cracks if your refrigerant level is low in order to ensure that your vehicle does not leak. We will then recharge your vehicle with top-level refrigerant to keep you feeling comfortable.

If your vehicle is in need of additional AC repairs or maintenance, we will educate you on the issue and discuss your options. We give honest advice to our customers, so that they may be accurately informed about the “health” of their vehicles. Our goal is to keep you stay healthy and safe while on the road.

So before it gets too warm outdoors, give your AC system the test. If you think it may need a little help, beat the rush. Call our auto mechanics Frisco TX today. We’ll get your AC whipped into shape, so you can enjoy this summer.

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