Auto Repair 101: Advice to Having A Healthy Vehicle Transmission

Auto Repair 101: Advice to Having A Healthy Vehicle Transmission

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

Different vehicles may have various transmission types and models, but one thing is the same no matter what car you drive: transmissions require maintenance if you want them to continue running for years to come. There are several things you can do to keep your transmission healthy and happy.

Follow these simple measures and you can save a lot of time, money and unnecessary headache.

There are several things you can do to keep your transmission healthy and happy. Taking the following simple measures can save you a lot of “green” and unnecessary headache.

Make Sure Your Transmission Has Fluid

If the fluid in your transmission ages or the level drops too low, your vehicle will start misbehaving. Fluid lubricates the clutch, allowing it to shift and transfer energy so your vehicle can drive. Without clean transmission fluid, your car may have problems shifting, such as working slowly or slipping gears. Unfortunately, low fluid can also cause the car to stop moving altogether if the problem is not seen to in a timely manner. You can easily check the fluid level by using the dipstick attached, or you can bring your vehicle into our shop and let the experts at Christian Brothers Automotive in Frisco, Texas check it for you.

Keep Your Transmission from Overheating

A transmission’s enemy is too much heat. High temperatures cause the transmission to malfunction due to fluid breakdown or hardening seals. Elements become too hot and may begin to burn. For this reason, it’s smart to take precautionary measures and keep your transmission cool enough to function properly. One thing you can do is have an auxiliary cooler installed to control heat levels. Another suggestion is to have your vehicle’s cooling system examined by professionals often to ensure it is not in danger of overheating.

Have your Transmission Serviced Regularly

Finally, service your transmission regularly. The technicians at our auto repair in West Frisco work with all kinds of transmissions and engine issues every day. At our shop, we conduct a thorough diagnosis on your vehicle’s transmission to pinpoint the problems and help you find the best solution.

How can you know if your transmission needs an appointment with our specialists? You may be able to smell transmission fluid as you drive. You may notice your clutch sticking or gears shifting much slower than they should. In addition, your vehicle might be making strange noises. You may also notice that while in neutral, your vehicle is not sitting straight. Instead, it tends to vibrate or bump. Any of these signs can be indications of transmission trouble.

If your vehicle is in need of transmission help or it's time for maintenance service, Call Christian Brothers Automotive Frisco West today. We'll show you the nice difference!

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