Prepare for Summer with Auto AC Repairs

Prepare for Summer with Auto AC Repairs

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

Keep the three areas below mind with your car’s AC system:

Air Filters

Cabin air filters help sanitize the air in your car. But a dirty filter can actually impede the flow of air. Replacing this filter is a simple and inexpensive way to improve the flow and sanitation of your vehicle’s air. At our shop, we have many types of cabin air filters in stock and can quickly handle replacements.


If your cooling fluid levels are too high, it could prevent your AC from making cold air. Insufficient fluid could ruin the system completely. Our technicians will ensure that your fluid levels are in the ideal spot. We might also recommend a cooling system flush to remove old, acidic fluid and extend the life of your system.


As your vehicle ages, the tubes and seals of your AC system can experience wear and tear, which leads to leaks. We are able to find the source of any leaks and provide repairs that will actually last.

Fishers AC Specialists

Regardless of the size of your AC repair project, we are here to take care of it. We are here for you to ensure that your car stays cool and comfortable during the summer.

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