Seasonal Maintenance: Fall

  • Get a transmission check. Is the fluid clean? A transmission flush and filter change is a great way to protect a very valuable component of your vehicle.
  • Have your brake and rotors examined for excess wear. Do your hearing a grinding or squealing sound? Car shudders when you stop? Brakes and rotors are critical in the winter. This is part of the Christian Brothers Automotive complimentary Courtesy Inspection.
  • Check your power steering system. Make sure there is adequate fluid and that the fluid quality is good. If your steering wheel shakes or is difficult to turn, it may be time for repairs.
  • Have your car’s exterior cleaned and waxed. The wax will help protect your car against harsher weather and road salt.
  • Replace your wiper blades. New wiper blades can really increase visibility on rainy days.
  • Change the oil. We’ll say it again – clean oil is key to a happy car.