How to Identify the Noises your Car is Making

How to Identify the Noises your Car is Making

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive - Energy Corridor

Is your car making an unusual sound? Find out why.

Some of the most obvious signs that something has gone amiss with your vehicle are the sounds it makes, and the one that gets noticed most often is squeaking or squealing. The problem might be an easy fix, or it might be the first signs of an issue that will require lots of labor and frustration. How can you tell the difference?

Noisy Tires

If you have noisy tires, you could be dealing with low air pressure or uneven tread wear. For low air pressure, filling up your tires with air will fix the problem (as long as there’s no other underlying issue such as a nail). For uneven tread wear, it’s possible your vehicle will need new tires, however you can take preventative measures by rotating your tires regularly to prolong their lifespan. Our expert technicians can take a look at your tires and advise the appropriate course of action.

Squealing Brakes

When you notice the squealing sound while slowing down or stopping, the most likely culprit is your brake pads. Most brake pads are manufactured with built-in “wear indicators” that are designed to send out an unpleasant screech to warn the driver about his or her eroding brake pads.

It is also possible for pebbles to get lodged between the brake pad and the rotor, or for the rotor to become bent. As a general rule, brake pads should be replaced every 10,000-20,000 miles, while rotors should usually be replaced every 50,000-70,000 miles.

Slipping Serpentine

If the source of the noise sounds like it’s coming from under your hood, then we recommend examining your serpentine belt. Serpentine belts can become glazed or dry, and they can also loosen over time. Check the tension of your belt, and if the belt is loose, you may need to have your belt tensioner replaced.

Not every squeak, squeal, or other concerning noise coming from your car is necessarily a reason to panic, but if you have questions, concerns, or reasons to believe that your car needs more than a quick fix, feel free to drop by our locally owned and operated Houston auto repair shop – Christian Brothers Automotive Energy Corridor.

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