Why It’s Wise to Start Keeping an Emergency Kit in Your Car | Christian Brothers Automotive, East Wichita

Why It’s Wise to Start Keeping an Emergency Kit in Your Car | Christian Brothers Automotive, East Wichita

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

By nature, emergencies are something that typically can’t be planned for with specific and concrete information. Instead, taking an angle of preparing for the worst while hoping for the best is always advised—especially when it comes to planning for encountering an emergency scenario in your vehicle.

It has been found that every year, Americans spend nearly 300 hours driving their vehicles, meaning that there is a good chance that eventually, there might be an emergency scenario you encounter while on the road.

Below, we will look at some situations where an emergency kit for your car may come in handy and what you want to pack just in case.

Why Should I Make a Car Emergency Kit?

Having a car emergency kit is a wise choice for a number of reasons. The most common scenario where people find themselves in their vehicle during an emergency is during a sudden thunderstorm.

If severe weather such as lightning, rain and wind make it unsafe to drive, you may be put in a situation where you need to pull over and wait for the weather to abate, in which case, having an emergency kit with all the necessary supplies is a must.

Additionally, an emergency kit can come in handy if you are trapped in winter weather or if you are suddenly caught in a dangerous situation while out and about and unable to procure necessary supplies such as food and water.

What Should Be in My Car’s Emergency Kit?

If you are packing a car emergency kit, it is generally wise to use a duffel bag, plastic tote or other sturdy container to keep everything in one space. Some key items to include in your roadside emergency kit are:

  • Bottles of water and nonperishable food such as granola bars
  • Emergency blankets in case of inclement weather
  • A battery-powered weather radio
  • Flashlights and flares
  • Cat litter or sand for tire traction
  • Jumper cables and extra oil

Our main goal is to always help you stay safe on the roads. If you need help with peace of mind for your vehicle, we can provide a free Courtesy Inspection to make sure you are in great shape. Schedule one with us today!

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