The Most Important Types of Maintenance to Do to Your Car | Christian Brothers Automotive, East Wichita

The Most Important Types of Maintenance to Do to Your Car | Christian Brothers Automotive, East Wichita

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No matter what your daily driving tasks look like, taking good care of your vehicle is so important—but it can be easy to forget everything that needs to be addressed on your vehicle. Proper car maintenance is key not only for keeping things running smoothly, but it can also increase your miles per gallon as well as prevent accidents and sudden breakdowns.

Fortunately, working with a qualified mechanic means you never have to worry if your car is getting maintained properly, as they will be able to do an inspection every time they see your vehicle to make sure everything is in good shape. Read on to learn about some of the most important items to have checked out regularly.

The Most Important Preventative Car Maintenance Items

Have your oil checked and changed regularly. Because a car’s oil impacts every element of the engine, having your oil regularly checked and changed is one of the most important things that needs to be done to keep your car in good shape. Your owner’s manual will tell you how frequently to have your oil changed as well as what type of oil to use for the best performance possible.

Check the levels of key fluids. Similar to oil, fluids enable different components of your car to do their job and should always be kept at optimal levels. The recommended levels and checking procedures for your antifreeze, power steering fluid, wiper fluid and coolant will vary depending on you car, but making sure that these fluids are checked and topped off as needed is a must.

Have your car battery tested. Your car’s battery provides vital power to your vehicle, but over time, batteries can weaken and become unable to do their job. A mechanic can check your battery for you so you can be certain that yours is still in good shape and can power your car.

Get a regular inspection. While the above elements are extremely important for your vehicle, there are many other components that are essential to your vehicle’s performance that a mechanic can help you with. Make sure you at least go get an inspection once a year, or have your car’s oil changed at a mechanic that builds courtesy inspections into their service offerings.

Do you need routine maintenance or repairs done on your car? We are here to help. Whether you need an oil change, an inspection or anything else, schedule an appointment with us today to get started.

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