What Factors Into My Car’s Miles Per Gallon? | Christian Brothers Automotive, East Wichita

What Factors Into My Car’s Miles Per Gallon? | Christian Brothers Automotive, East Wichita

Whether you are in the process of buying a new car, deciding whether it is time to replace your current one or are just wondering if yours is getting the best gas mileage possible, paying attention to what factors into your miles per gallon is quite important. While every car model has an advertised miles per gallon number, there is a lot more involved with the actual rate that you end up getting.

While some things, such as your car’s size, weight and engine volume, can’t be changed, good maintenance and driving habits can go a long way in how fuel-efficient your vehicle is. Read on to learn more about how your driving habits can impact the miles per gallon you actually see during your daily drives.

Car Owner Habits That Impact Fuel Efficiency

Aggressively driving. One of the biggest impacting factors of your car’s fuel efficiency is the manner in which you drive—particularly if that involves quickly speeding up and slowing down, which can lower your gas mileage by up to 40% during stop and go traffic.

Hauling heavy objects. The overall weight of a vehicle is something that can’t be changed in normal driving conditions, but if you are using your car to tow a trailer or otherwise haul heavy objects, you will likely see a corresponding reduction in the fuel efficiency you experience.

Utilizing your air conditioning and/or electricities. Any electrical process in your vehicle is also powered by the engine, so habits such as letting your air conditioning blow on max or continually powering phones or other electronics can impact your gas mileage.

Driving in cold weather. If it is cold outside, you may notice your miles per gallon reduced as your engine will not run as efficiently until it is warm. However, waiting on your car to warm up by idling has a much larger impact on your fuel usage (and leads to unnecessary pollution), so it is not recommended.

If your car is not as fuel-efficient as it should be or is otherwise not performing well, we are here to help! Book an appointment online today so our technicians can check it out.