How to Take a Family Road Trip With Your Dog | Christian Brothers Automotive East Wichita

How to Take a Family Road Trip With Your Dog | Christian Brothers Automotive East Wichita

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

A family road trip is one of the best ways to travel, in our opinion. Not only do you get to enjoy driving or riding in your car, but you also can make countless memories and see plenty of sights along the way.

And the best thing about road trips? You can take your dog along, too!

While flying with pets has plenty of extra considerations, driving with pets can be a simple process as long as you know how to plan for it. Read on to discover more in regard to how you can plan a picture-perfect road trip with pets.

What to Consider When Planning a Road Trip With Your Dog

Make sure its tags are up to date. Safety is always one of the most important things to consider when taking your dog anywhere, especially miles and miles away from home. Be sure that its tags are up to date with your current contact information so that someone could get in touch if your pup were to get away.

Plan pet-friendly stops. In a perfect world, dogs would be allowed everywhere—but of course, that is not the case. Be sure to plan your route out accordingly, looking for pet-friendly stops such as restaurants with patios, gas stations with dog parks and hotels that will welcome your pup.

Keep first-aid supplies on hand. Any time you road trip, you should include emergency supplies for humans in your packing list—and if you are bringing your pup, its emergency supplies should be included, too. You can purchase or make a dog-centric first aid kit, or just make sure you have extras of the supplies that your pet might need if it gets any cuts or scrapes in transit.

Keep your pup busy on the road. While some dogs might curl up and go right to sleep when the car hits highway speeds, they might get bored after many miles. It is not advised to feed your dog right before hopping in the car or while you are on the move, but puzzle toys and bones can be a good thing to keep a pet occupied with.

Before you embark on a road trip, it is a must to make sure that your car is in good shape—and we are here to help! Schedule a visit today to have your car inspected by our expert mechanics.

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