Power Steering Fluid Explained by Stockbridge, GA Experts

Power Steering Fluid Explained by Stockbridge, GA Experts

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

The power steering system helps you drive by adding more power behind your steering. In most cars and trucks, hydraulic pumps create energy for the steering mechanism so you, the driver, don’t need to provide much effort while steering the wheel. Power steering really helps turn the wheels when the vehicle is stopped or slowly moving at stoplights or in traffic.

The power steering fluid is key to properly functioning power steering system and making sure you maintain control of your vehicle on the road. Today, our ASE-certified technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive Eagles Landing in Stockbridge, Georgia, are going to tell you all about the power steering fluid and answer many common questions we get about replacing the fluid.

What is power steering fluid?

Power steering fluid is a hydraulic fluid that’s responsible for transmitting power throughout the system. It’s rather simple to service this fluid. We simply flush the old fluid out and replace it with fresh power steering fluid.

Should I do this service when recommended?

We absolutely recommend that drivers replace the power steering fluid when the owner’s manual suggests. The fluid is the cheapest part of the power steering system. Changing it will prolong the life of the power steering pump and power steering rack.

Why do I need to change the fluid?

Over time, the power steering fluid will degrade and become less effective. Not to mention, it will become contaminated. When the fluid has chunks of dirt floating around in it, the pumps have to work harder and will wear out much quicker. Replacing the fluid is much cheaper than the pump.

What are the common power steering symptoms?

The most common sign of power steering fluid problems is when your steering wheel becomes tougher to turn. This could mean that the fluid has degraded or the fluid level is low. It’s always important to take care of leaks before they cause big problems. In any case, the problem should be fixed immediately. The wheel will only get harder and harder to control and you could be causing more damage to the power steering system.

If you hear a whining or moaning noise as you turn the wheel, it can be a sign that the pump is about to fail. You don’t want the pump to completely go out while you’re on the road, so find your way to your local Stockbridge, GA auto repair shop pronto!

Power Steering Maintenance at Christian Brothers Eagles Landing

The power steering system [https://cbac.com/eagles-landing/power-steering/] is very important to the regular operation of your car or truck. Without the proper fluid to maintain the system, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll run into bigger power steering problems. At our local auto repair shop in Georgia, we educate our customers about these issues so they can make the right decision for their vehicle. Most of our services are also guaranteed by the 2-year/24,000-mile Nice Difference warranty so you have peace of mind once we complete the service or repair.

Call us today at Christian Brothers Automotive Eagles Landing to schedule your power steering maintenance.

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