Our Stockbridge Auto Shop Handles Your Extended Warranty Stress

Eventually, all cars become unreliable.

Because of this, many drivers choose to purchase an extended warranty service.

A car warranty is considered by many to be health insurance for the vehicle.

Like insurance, an extended warranty requires more money up front. In exchange, a warranty could save money in the long run. Also like insurance, you often get what you pay for. If you’re looking for car repair service near McDonough, our professional technicians make sure you’re well cared for.

What does extended warranty service entail?

Most extended warranty providers offer more than one plan. These plans include everything from complete coverage to specific protection. They may even cover only one vehicle component.

Extended warranty service providers include:

  • Auto clubs
  • Insurance companies
  • Manufacturers
  • Independent service providers

Extended plans vary in duration, but most are three to five years.

Our Eagle’s Landing auto shop handles the service stress

No matter who your extended warranty plan is through, our knowledgeable staff will handle the details for you. When our ASE-certified technicians see a needed repair or replacement, our team will make the phone calls and speak to the representatives themselves. We handle the hassle so you don’t have to.

For scheduled repairs and maintenance services, or to check on your extended warranty service, call Christian Brothers Automotive Eagle’s Landing in Stockbridge, Georgia today. Discover the Nice Difference!