How To Check Your Fuel System in 5 Easy Steps

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In Stockbridge, Georgia, there’s never a good time for your car to unexpectedly refuse to start. You’re either running late to work or your child is waiting to be picked up from school. For cars with at least 60,000 on the odometer, a worn out fuel pump is the most likely cause.

How to safely check the fuel pump

1. Be certain the vehicle is off and securely parked on a level surface. Fuel pump checks are not a dangerous task, but safety always comes first and you want the vehicle to be stable.

2. The fuel pump is usually located in the fuel tank. Start by removing the fuel cap.

3. Next, you will need another person to turn the key to the “on” position while you stay at the gas tank. Please tell your assistant they should not try starting the car, but only turn the key so that the battery comes on.

4. As the car is turned on, listen near the tank opening. The fuel pump will hum for a couple of seconds if it’s working. If there is no sound coming from the tank, the pump is not working.

5. If the pump doesn’t engage, a simple fuse replacement could fix it. Find the fuel pump fuse. If it is in fact blown, replace it.

Repeat steps 1 through 4 to see if replacing the fuse fixed the problem. You should hear the fuel pump hum.

When to schedule a fuel system inspection

If the fuel pump is still not working, diagnosing the problem gets more complex. The gas tank needs to be removed so that you can look at the fuel pump itself. We recommend taking your vehicle to a qualified mechanic rather than trying to proceed yourself. It’s not worth risking additional damage to the car.

Fuel system maintenance in Stockbridge, GA

At Christian Brothers Automotive Eagles Landing, we’re here to make car trouble as pain-free as possible. Not only are our technicians ASE-certified, but we also back our services with the 2-year/24,000-mile Nice Difference warranty. After thoroughly inspecting the vehicle to find the root of the problem, you’re consulted before any work is started. Call to schedule fuel system maintenance today and see the nice difference in Stockbridge!