Five A/C Parts That Keep You Cool During Summer

Five A/C Parts That Keep You Cool During Summer

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

In addition to these five parts, you should also know that your A/C system consists of hoses and refrigerant charging ports. If your air conditioning isn’t meeting your expectations, visit your local auto repair experts at Christian Brothers Automotive in Concord, North Carolina. We’ll get the cool air blowing. Experience the nice difference in auto repair!

  1. Compressor

    When it comes to air conditioning systems, the compressor is the most crucial component. Without the compressor, you would have no way to stay cool. The four main functions the compressor is responsible for carrying out are:

    • Pressurize the refrigerant to cool the air
    • Sense temperature changes inside and outside your car
    • Monitor and control temperature output
    • Move the air to the condenser
  2. Condenser

    The A/C’s condenser, sometimes called the mini-radiator, is normally found just in front of the radiator. This component reduces the temperature and pressure of hot gasses from the refrigerant while the compressor is pressurizing the refrigerant. It also moves the cooled liquid refrigerant to the receiver/dryer or accumulator.

  3. Receiver/Dryer or Accumulator

    Vehicles have either a receiver/dryer or accumulator, depending on what model car you drive. Vehicles with a thermal expansion van use a receiver/dryer and those that have an orifice tube use an accumulator.

    Separating gas from liquid is what the receiver/dryer does. This is very important because a compressor can be destroyed if any liquid gets in. That’s because compressors are only designed to handle gases. The condenser also removes moisture using something called a desiccant. Desiccants are very similar to the tiny, bead-filled packets found in the packaging of newly purchased electronics. Finally, it also has filters to protect the A/C system from any outside contaminants.

    The accumulator monitors and controls how much refrigerant is allowed to go into the evaporator as well as storing excess refrigerant, filtering debris and removing moisture.

  4. Thermal Expansion Valve or Orifice Tube

    As previously mentioned, any cars with a thermal expansion valve use a receiver/dryer while those with an orifice tube uses an accumulator. Your Thermal Expansion Valve or Orifice Tube can be found in between the condenser and evaporator. These components monitor the pressure and temperature of your A/C system and decide the exact amount of refrigerant that the evaporator will be able to handle safely.

  5. Evaporator

    You can be rest assured your evaporator is working like a champ if cold air is reaching you in the cabin. This part is located right behind the dashboard and takes care of cooling the air with the refrigerant. Then the air is blow into the cabin of the vehicle.

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