Essential Auto Repair for Summer Road Trips

Flush the Radiator

Coolant is essential for regulating engine temperature in the North Carolina heat, but coolant doesn’t last forever. When coolant gets old it can start to breakdown, causing corrosion in the radiator. Flushing out the radiator once a year is a good way to help your car beat the heat.

Replace Your Air Filter

Start the summer out by changing your air filter. It should be changed twice a year and the beginning of the summer is the perfect time to do it. Air filters are the best protection your engine has against contaminants in the air. It stops the dust, dirt, and leaves from entering and causing damage.

Check Your Battery

Car batteries can take a beating from the summer heat; it may even cause battery fluid to evaporate. After the winter months, you should check to make sure there’s no build up on the posts that need to be cleared. Come and get your battery tested by our professionals in Concord, NC to prevent any battery problems from popping up later this summer.

If you’re ready to spend the summer outside and enjoying the outdoors, don’t let car troubles delay you. At Christian Brothers Automotive Concord our friendly staff will help you catch these problems before they arise. Give us a call at our auto repair center in Concord, North Carolina today and see the nice difference in auto repair!