Common Signs That Your Transmission is Slipping

Common Signs That Your Transmission is Slipping

Proper transmission maintenance is often forgotten in Concord. Many different issues can cause a slipping transmission. The ASE-certified technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive Concord have some insight into how you can diagnose your transmission problems.

Check the transmission fluid pressure

Another possible cause of a slipping transmission is low fluid pressure. The fluid cools and lubricates the components so they can work in harmony. Low fluid levels will cause the transmission to not fully engage. Some vehicles don’t have a dipstick at the engine bay to check the fluid. If your car or truck doesn’t have the dipstick, it’s best to let a professional take a look under your car.

Fixing a slipping transmission

The first step is diagnosing the transmission problem, and then you have to fix it. You shouldn’t have to worry about issues if the transmission is maintained according to your owner’s manual. At our North Carolina auto repair center, we suggest a full transmission flush to replace all of the old fluid throughout the entire transmission system. The typical drain and refill services only replaces the fluid left in the pan.

At Christian Brothers Automotive Concord, our knowledgeable staff understands transmission problems can be a pain and we’re here to make your life easier! After we diagnose the situation, we directly consult you about the repair options. Our customers rely on us to provide quality automotive services and our honest recommendation. With the 2-year/24,000-mile Nice Difference warranty, your car will always be taken care of. Call us today at Christian Brothers Automotive in Concord, NC to schedule your transmission service and see the nice difference!