Power Steering Service in Concord, NC

If you need power steering service in Concord, visit Christian Brothers Automotive near I-85. Your steering wheel requires power steering fluid in order to function effectively. The power steering pump pushes the fluid into the car’s steering system. As a part of our Courtesy Inspection, we will always take a look at your power steering fluid to see if you have enough.

Power steering assists in guiding your vehicle, meaning without power steering fluid, your car would not turn properly and would most likely crash.

Christian Brothers Automotive’s team of ASE-certified mechanics are extremely skilled in what they do and they are excellent at power steering flushes. A power steering flush will clean and preserve your entire steering system.

If you get your power steering system cleaned at Christian Brothers Automotive, you can expect your old fluid to be completely disposed of and your entire system cleaned with detergent and conditioner. The technician will then put fresh power steering fluid into your vehicle.

When you need power steering service, come to Christian Brothers Automotive at 9725 Harris Rd. Concord, NC 28027, or give us a telephone call at 704-887-6139.