If You’re A Driver In Concord, Here Are 5 Automotive Terms You Need to Know

At Christian Brothers Automotive Concord, we want to raise the standard of customer service. No matter what Concord auto repair shop services your car, you should receive excellent service every time. That’s why our qualified technicians made a list of the 5 essential automotive terms every driver should know and understand.

With this important information, you can rest assured, knowing you’re always a step ahead of the game.


1. Dipstick

Our ASE-certified technicians pull out the engine’s dipstick to confirm the level and quality of the motor oil. The specialists then decide whether or not to schedule an oil change.

2. Spark Plug

The engine’s spark plugs ignite the fuel-air mixture. The mixture ignites, powering the engine. Unfortunately, a burnt out spark plug will not properly ignite, leading to ignition coil overheating and possible ignition failure.

3. [Battery] Corrosion

When acid leaks inside the battery case, corrosion can form. Corrosion is dangerous because it creates resistance around the battery and keeps the electricity from reaching the starter. Too much corrosion can leave you stuck with a dead engine.

4. Brake Pad

Your brake pads wear down every time you press the brake pedal. The brake pads grind against the rotors and eventually wear too thin to safely stop the vehicle. When our professionals inspect your brake system, they’ll ensure your brake pads are the proper thickness.

5. Timing Belt

The timing belt is a thick rubber band with ridges on one side. The timing belt is responsible for turning the camshaft, which opens and closes the engine valves. This process lets the fuel-air mixture into the necessary engine compartments and releases exhaust fumes.