5 Cooling System Mistakes Concord Drivers Don’t Know They’re Making

The ASE-certified technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive Concord compiled a list of mistakes you probably don’t know you’re making. We just want to make sure you make educated decisions that are right for your vehicle the next time you visit your local Concord auto repair shop.

The cooling system is not the A/C system

A large percentage of drivers in Concord think their cooling system is really the air conditioning. This is not the case. The cooling system is responsible for cooling the engine down so that it doesn’t get too hot and overheat. While you may really enjoy your A/C, the cooling system is much more important to the condition of your engine and its drivability.

Coolant is antifreeze mixed with water

When the terms coolant and antifreeze are used interchangeably, people get confused. Actually, coolant is a mixture (usually 50/50) of water and antifreeze. Coolant runs through several parts of your vehicle, like the water pump and radiator. It makes sure that your vehicle is well lubricated so that it doesn’t freeze during the winter.

The cooling system also heats!

Ok, we’ll give this one to you. The cooling system does have a deceptive name, but you need to know that your engine does have to maintain a certain temperature to function properly. While the engine usually has to be cooled to maintain that temperature, in extreme, cold weather, it demands some heat. Your car is just like your body, it does whatever it can to maintain the correct temperature.

Your cooling system does need maintenance.

The cooling system is one of the most forgotten parts of the vehicle when it comes to maintenance. Even though it’s the main care-taker of your engine, it doesn’t get much love. If the quality of the coolant is not up to snuff, it will cause various parts of the vehicle to rust. Whenever you get your oil changed, just have the level and quality checked. It’s a simple procedure that will increase the life of the vehicle.

Leaks need to be fixed, as soon as possible.

Some people in Concord are under the impression that leaks are alright as long as you make sure to keep adding coolant to the vehicle. This is not true, at all. Leaks can have huge consequences. Besides causing corrosion throughout the cooling system, you could also be contaminating the environment. Coolant is a harmful chemical that can contaminate our drinking water when rain washes it into the storm drain. If you know you have a leak, have it fixed immediately!

At Christian Brothers Automotive in Concord, North Carolina, we look out for our customers’ cooling systems because we know it’s the key to maintaining the car’s health. If you haven’t had your coolant quality or levels checked in a while, call Christian Brothers Automotive. See the nice difference today!