Pre-Purchase Inspection in Concord, NC

Before you purchase a pre-owned car, arrange a pre-purchase inspection from Christian Brothers Automotive in Concord, NC. If you like to conserve your money, then buying a pre-owned vehicle is the way to go, but be cautious! You probably already know to request the Carfax report from the dealer, but oftentimes too much trust is put in reports such as these. Used vehicle reports, like Carfax, will often highlight a car’s past and what the vehicle has been through, when instead it is more important to be aware of the automobile’s present worth.

It’s important to have an understanding of the car’s full history prior to purchasing it, but records like Carfax have nothing to say about the current and future condition of the car. Most people will often assume they are getting a good deal on an automobile just because it drives well during a short test drive, but even if the outside and inside of the car appear to be in good condition, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the parts under the hood are the same quality. Do the belts look good? Do you think the engine mounts are going to last? You must be able to answer these questions when considering any pre-owned automobile. Christian Brothers Automotive can assist you in answering these questions and many more through a pre-purchase inspection.

If you are going to buy a used vehicle, especially one without a warranty, have Christian Brothers Automotive’s ASE-certified specialists inspect the car for you. They will do a thorough inspection of the car and tell you if they see any signs of future repairs. Our pre-purchase inspection can put you in the right position to negotiate and can save you from making a bad investment.

Christian Brothers Automotive’s pre-purchase inspection is a quick and easy way to be sure that the car you are buying is secure and reliable. Call our Concord location to schedule a pre-purchase inspection at 704-887-6139, or come visit our auto repair shop near Huntersville, located at:

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