Vehicle Repair Tips for Summer Road Trips

Grab an Oil Change on Your Way Out

Before piling in the car and hitting the road, make sure you remember the last time you had your oil change. If it was more than 5,000 miles ago, you should do it now. An engine can quickly be ruined by old, dirty oil. Don’t worry about a long wait; getting your oil changed at our local Florida auto repair shop is a quick and easy!

Keep Your Windshield Crystal Clear

Windshield wipers and wiper fluid should really be checked before any trip. You never know when bugs or surprise thunderstorms will overtake you has your driving down the open road. In addition, summer heat can really take a toll on wipers, warping them until they are unusable.

Got Coolant?

The summer can already make your vehicle super hot. Regular engine heat combined with the summer day temperatures can make it challenging for your vehicle to keep the engine cool. Help your car out by making sure the coolant levels are correct and refilling it if need be.

You’re going to need a reliable car to make the most of your summer travel plans! Use these guidelines to get you started, but if you’ve noticed anything else about your vehicle that’s not quite right, please mention it to one of our qualified technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive Clermont in Florida. Our friendly staff is happy to take care of any of your concerns. Our goal is to keep you safe on the road this summer! Give us a call at our auto repair center in Clermont to schedule an appointment. Have a great summer and see the nice difference!