Christian Brothers Automotive Clermont Busts The Top 3 Cooling System Myths

Christian Brothers Automotive Clermont Busts The Top 3 Cooling System Myths

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

Unfortunately, the wrong recommendation could lead to severe engine damage. That’s why the ASE-certified technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive Clermont want to set the record straight.

Today, we’ll bust three cooling system myths and tell you the truth about your vehicle.

Cooling System Myth #1: This system doesn’t need service

One common misconception is that the cooling system is a maintenance-free system. Similar to a car’s oil, coolant breaks down over time. If not serviced, old or broken-down coolant can wear down the engine or cause corrosion. In some vehicles, when coolant breaks down, it may cause corrosion and rust particles to become electrically charged. This can make the coolant highly corrosive, resulting in major damage to the engine.

Cooling System Myth #2: When your car is overheating, pull over and shut off the engine

When a driver sees their car overheating, first instinct says to pull over and turn off the engine. This is the wrong choice. The engine needs a combination of coolant flow and airflow across the radiator to cool down. Sometimes, the best solution is to increase vehicle speed to provide more coolant flow and airflow. Another trick is to turn your heater on high. The heater is basically a cooling coil takes heat from the engine and dumps it inside the cabin of the vehicle.

Cooling System Myth #3: All anti-freeze products are the same

Many Clermont auto mechanics wish this myth were true, but it’s not. Some car manufacturers will even void the warranty their specified fluid isn’t used. Check your owner’s guide before pouring any product into the cooling system. Like your oil, antifreeze is an essential fluid and it needs to be filled to the correct specification.

Your cooling system is a crucial part of the vehicle’s function

With the right information, you can protect your engine and help your vehicle drive stronger for longer. If it’s time for a cooling system inspection, call Christian Brothers Automotive in Clermont, Florida today. See the nice difference!

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