3 Reasons You Need Brake Service From Our Clermont Auto Shop

There are also many subtle signs your brake system is in trouble.

At Christian Brothers Automotive Clermont, we want you feeling safe and secure on every drive.

For a safe drive, you need to feel confident in your vehicle’s reliability. Here are 3 signs it’s time for brake system maintenance.

1. Your car seems to have a mind of its own

If your car pulls off to the left or right while braking, you may have a stuck caliper or collapsed brake hose. With caliper failure, extreme friction is created on one wheel. If the brake hose has collapsed, your calipers could be pressing unevenly. Either way, one wheel is turning faster than the other, causing the car to pull.

2. Your brake pedal vibrates while stopping

If your rotors are warped, the brake pedal (or entire car) may vibrate while braking. The metal of the rotors can change shape when they’re under extreme stress for an extended length of time. Another possibility is a misalignment in the wheels. This issue necessitates an alignment adjustment at our Clermont auto repair shop.

3. A soft or stiff brake pedal

Your brake pads may be worn out if the brake pedal feels spongy while braking, or hits the floor. A soft pedal may also signify a problem with the hydraulic system or a fluid leak. If, however, you have to press the pedal harder than usual, the brake fluid may be dirty or compromised. You may also have a brake line obstruction.

The brakes are essential to your safety on the road. As soon as you notice symptoms of a brake system malfunction, call for an inspection with our ASE-certified technicians.

Call Christian Brothers Automotive in Clermont, Florida today for a brake system evaluation. Notice the nice difference, and stay safe this holiday season!