How To Speak Like A Pro At Your Clermont Auto Repair Shop With 5 Simple Automotive Terms

If you don’t understand your auto mechanic’s service recommendation, or you’re too embarrassed to request clarification, your wallet could suffer. Paying for an unnecessary part or needless repair is only one potential outcome.

That’s why the qualified staff at Christian Brothers Automotive Clermont found the 5 car terms every Florida driver should know. With this information handy, you’ll be protected no matter which Clermont auto repair shop services your vehicle.

1. Dipstick

Our experts pull out your engine’s dipstick to determine the quality and level of motor oil. During this visual assessment, the technician decides whether your car is due for an oil change.

2. Spark Plug

When a spark plug burns out, it impacts the engine’s performance. Spark plugs ignite a spark in the fuel-air mixture to power the engine. If a spark plug is compromised, the entire engine could suffer.

3. [Battery] Corrosion

Corrosion is caused by acid leaking from within the battery. As corrosion builds up around the battery terminal, the electrical current is disrupted and electricity can’t reach the engine. Without a quick solution, you could be stuck with a dead engine.

4. Brake Pad

Your brake pads gradually wear thin from everyday use. That’s why, with every brake system inspection, our ASE-certified technicians check the quality of your brake pads. If your brake pads are not thick enough to adequately stop your car, we’ll recommend a replacement.

5. Timing Belt

The timing belt connects to the camshaft, which is responsible for opening and closing engine valves. The timing belt is usually made of reinforced rubber and has ridges and bumps on one side to grip the camshaft.