4 Car Battery Myths Busted by our Austin Experts

4 Car Battery Myths Busted by our Austin Experts

MYTH #1: Don’t worry about a discharged battery – it won’t affect fuel economy

When a battery has fully discharged, or flattened, the car’s alternator will try it’s hardest to recharge the battery. This added load on the alternator and engine will cause your vehicle to use significantly more fuel. If your battery has discharged, the best choice is to simply have the battery replaced.

MYTH #2: When leaving your car in the garage for a few weeks, disconnect the battery

Many Austin drivers have been incorrectly advised to disconnect the battery when taking a vacation or an extended break from driving. However, this is a bad idea. If you disconnect the battery, many systems may have a difficult time reconnecting. Instead, invest in a car battery maintenance charger. This will ensure your battery stays fully charged while you are away.

MYTH #3: In a pinch, use tap water to refill the water level in the battery

Do not use tap water to replace lost water in batteries. Tap water produces mineral build up, which blocks the pores and coats the plates of the battery. Use only distilled, deionized, or demineralized water for battery maintenance. Or, bring your vehicle into our Austin auto repair shop, where we’ll take care of the process for you.

MYTH #4: Batteries last longer in hot climates, so they require less maintenance

Hot climates and extreme heat will actually kill a car battery faster due to water loss, heat distortion and an increase in corrosion. If you live in a hot environment (like central Texas), your battery may require more maintenance. Even if you have a low maintenance car battery, it’s important to ensure it’s topped off with electrolytes, that heat shields are replaced, and that it is kept at full charge.

Did you believe any of these myths? If so, that’s okay. Many Austin drivers do. But if you come down to Christian Brothers Automotive Brodie Lane, we’ll give you the full truth about your battery and the rest of your electrical system. Call our Austin car shop for an appointment today, and see the nice difference!