Fall and Winter Car Care Tips for Austin Drivers

Fall and Winter Car Care Tips for Austin Drivers

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

Check the coolant

You may think your cooling system goes into hibernation for the winter, but that isn’t the case. The coolant mixture in your vehicle contains antifreeze. Coolant does keep the engine from overheating in the summer, but it also keeps everything from freezing up in the cold winter months. Make sure your coolant mixture matches the ratio in your owner’s manual before the temperature drops too far.

Test your defroster

Driver visibility is especially important during the winter. Conditions like rain, sleet, or snow can limit your field of vision, but a good defroster will keep your windshield clear. Test your defroster before it’s needed to make sure it’s up to the task. While you’re at it, go ahead and check your wipers and wiper fluid for the same reason. You’d be surprised by how much wiper fluid drivers use throughout winter.

Replace worn tires

Before winter hits, take a minute or two to inspect the condition of your tires. Make sure the tread is still there and look for any nicks or cuts in the sidewall of the tire. As with every season, keep an eye on your tire pressure. We all know the weather in Texas likes to fluctuate, and changing temperatures will affect your tire pressure. If your tires have worn out from last winter, or they no longer hold pressure, it’s time for a replacement.

These are only a few winterizing tips from our qualified Austin technicians, and there are many other items you should have checked before winter. These include the brakes, battery, and even filters. If you have any questions about what your car needs, don’t hesitate to call us at Christian Brothers Automotive Brodie Lane. Call to schedule a winter inspection with our Austin auto repair shop, and see the nice difference!

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