Answering Austin Drivers’ Questions About ABS

Answering Austin Drivers’ Questions About ABS

What does ABS stand for, and what does it do?

ABS stands for Anti-lock Braking System. Anti-lock brakes prevent skidding and help drivers maintain steering control. ABS uses electronic controls and sensors to control braking force during hard braking. This is possible because the system pumps the brakes even though the driver is stepping on the brakes firmly. It is especially effective on icy or slick roads.

Why is my ABS light on?

There are quite a few reasons as to why your ABS light may be on, including:

  • Damaged wheel sensor
  • Broken/missing wheel sensor signals
  • Damaged or dirty tone ring
  • Malfunctioning pump motor
  • Loss of power assist
  • ABS pump keeps running

If your light comes on and does not turn off, schedule an appointment to have your brake system checked by our Austin automotive technicians.

Does ABS help me stop faster?

ABS is designed to help drivers maintain control of the vehicle during an emergency braking situation, not make the car stop more quickly. However, increased control will help the vehicle come to a stop in situations where it otherwise would have continued to slide without stopping at all.

What is the difference between rear-wheel ABS and four-wheel ABS?

All ABS are similar in the way that they control brake pressure. Despite this, some prevent only the rear wheels from locking up, while others prevent all the wheels from locking. Rear-wheel ABS keeps your vehicle from spinning out of control by locking the rear wheels. As the name suggests, four-wheel ABS is designed to keep all four wheels from locking up.

Rear-wheel ABS is usually used found in pickups and sport-utility vehicles. If you drive a pickup or SUV, check your owner’s manual to see which ABS you have. Four-wheel ABS is used in cars and minivans.

If you’re noticing any trouble with your anti-lock braking system, or any other part of your brake system, schedule a brake check in Austin today. Call Christian Brothers Automotive Brodie Lane in Austin, TX for exceptional brake service, and see the nice difference!