Awesome Customers Make It Easy To Provide A Nice Difference In Service

Our professional staff and ASE-certified technicians treat every guest like a member of their own family.

Even with this commitment to customer service, it’s still nice to know we’re making a difference in our community.

We recently received kind feedback from one customer in particular.

Reprinted with permission

Dear Sir or Madam:

My Faith in human nature in this crazy world we live in today has been restored.

Yesterday my wife encountered numerous problems with her pickup truck while towing her horse trailer from Ocala to Ft. Myers, Florida on I-75. Having many things on her mind including a worried husband at home trying to take care of seven pets the last thing she needed was to completely break down on the highway a hundred miles from home. Unfortunately this happened. AAA referred your garage and after a short wait someone came and towed the trailer to your facility with her following in the truck.

A very kind man at the garage whose name is Matt sensed my wife’s distress and apprehension about the truck’s condition and her reluctance to complete the trip home. He and others proceeded to perform a time consuming and comprehensive list of diagnostics to the truck and all the while Matt comforted her with updates and information which she later told me she greatly appreciated as it restored her confidence in the truck’s condition. When she arrived home without incident and told me all of this I was overwhelmed: This just doesn’t happen anymore or so I thought.

Be that as it may, on behalf of my wife and myself, we would like to thank Matt and all the other employees involved for their efforts and kindness to my wife. By the way, she also told me that she was amazed at how busy your garage appeared to be during the time she was there. This part of which she told me didn’t come as a surprise as it’s obviously the result of the way your customers are treated. Unfortunately we live way down here in Ft. Myers otherwise you would have a new customer in us for sure. Moreover, since I know these acts of goodwill start at the top, I also want to thank the owners for passing their principles on as an example of how caring and thoughtful business conducts itself from a customers’ perspective.

With every effort made to provide an exceptional experience every time, it’s still humbling to receive assurance we’re on the right track. That’s why we were thrilled to receive such a gracious letter from a satisfied customer.

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