The Single Biggest Cooling System Mistake Missouri Drivers Make

The Single Biggest Cooling System Mistake Missouri Drivers Make

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

Despite its name, the cooling system doesn’t only handle cooling down the engine during hot weather. The cooling system’s primary responsibility is maintaining the right temperature under the hood.

During warmer seasons, this means dissipating heat to safeguard the engine. During the winter months, this means warming up the engine to keep the pipes and fluids from freezing. When the proper temperature is maintained, the vehicle will operate as designed.

What mistake are you making with your cooling system?

The single biggest cooling system mistake we see is drivers adding the wrong antifreeze-to-water ratio. Engines (especially in diesel trucks) require a precise mixture of water and antifreeze to properly protect the engine. The mix of water, antifreeze and other additives is called coolant.

Coolant is a specially-designed liquid formulated to protect the engine. Coolant works at the correct temperature to avoid warping of the engine’s components. It also keeps the vehicle from overheating and shutting down, or from freezing in our cold Missouri winters.

In the Midwest, the most common mistake drivers make is putting too much water into the system. Adding pure water is only for emergency situations. If water has to be added in large amounts, call for a cooling system inspection as soon as possible. Having the wrong mixture of fluids changes the system’s boiling and freezing points and could lead to engine damage.

When should the cooling system be serviced?

Request a cooling system check with every oil change. While full system service is normally only needed every 30,000-60,000 miles, our ASE-certified technicians will check the level and quality of coolant, in addition to checking for system leaks or damage.

At our Arnold auto repair shop, we provide special cooling system maintenance compared to other Christian Brothers Automotive locations. With our uniquely frigid weather, the cooling system has to work twice as hard as in warmer states. We protect our customers against the below-freezing winter temperatures.

Notice the nice difference in cooling system service

At Christian Brothers Automotive Arnold, we strive to be the best Midwest auto repair shop. That’s why we take the time to show you the problem areas and fully explain any trouble with the system. We also use the best products and equipment available so any damage is repaired right the first time.

If it’s time for a cooling system inspection, call Christian Brothers Automotive in Arnold, Missouri today. You’ll see the nice difference!

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