3 Tips for a Successful Visit to the Amarillo Auto Shop

3 Tips for a Successful Visit to the Amarillo Auto Shop

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

1. Communication is Everything

Clear, effective communication is key when it comes to car repair and maintenance issues. If your Honda or Lexus is making a “weird sound,” the auto repair technician may not know where to start. Giving your service expert as much information as possible will speed up the process. We suggest taking a few minutes to write down exactly what’s going on with your car or truck. Describe any leaks, smells or specific sounds. Here’s a list of terms that are commonly used to explain the symptoms of car problems:

• Knocking – a fast rattling sound that’s heard when accelerating
• Misfire – when fuel in the engine cylinders fails to ignite properly
• Backfire – a loud noise that comes from the engine or the tailpipe
• Bucking – felt when the transmission slips as it changes gears
• Sluggish – how it feels driving a car that does not accelerate smoothly

2. Find a Regular Auto Repair Shop

When you become a regular customer, you can build a strong relationship with your mechanic just as you might with your doctor. Find a local Amarillo auto repair shop that fits your needs and go back for all maintenance services or repair needs. It won’t take many visits to our auto shop on Coulter Street before the staff learns your name and knows every detail about your vehicle. Remember, people do business with people!

3. Ask Plenty of Questions

If you’re in a hurry, or you’re curious about a specific service, don’t hesitate to ask! A professional auto repair shop will quickly answer your question as clearly as possible. Feel free to ask how long the wait will be, or when you should expect your car to be ready. If you have somewhere to be, our friendly staff at Christian Brothers Automotive Amarillo will be happy to drop you off at home or work while your vehicle is being worked on. When the repair is over, our Courtesy Shuttle will come back to pick you up!

As a customer and a driver, you should always feel comfortable with your Amarillo car repair shop. Call our shop in Amarillo, Texas today if you have any questions or would like to schedule an inspection. Experience the nice difference!

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