The Two Car Fluids You Need to Stay in Control

The Two Car Fluids You Need to Stay in Control

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

Brake Fluid

High quality brake fluid ensures you can safely come to a complete stop whenever necessary. Your vehicle’s brake system is hydraulic, which means it uses fluid to create pressure. The pressure moves the braking components, helping the car come to a stop. Our brake repair professionals suggest a brake fluid replacement every two years. However, more extreme driving habits may require more frequent fluid changes.

If there’s an issue with your brakes and or brake fluid, the dashboard light will turn on. When this happens, make an appointment at your local Amarillo auto repair shop as soon as possible.

Power Steering Fluid

Your power steering system is also a hydraulic system. This system depends on pressurized power steering fluid to operate. Without the right levels of power steering fluid, turning your truck or car tires would be extremely difficult. There is no set standard for power steering fluid replacements. Check your owner’s manual to see when the manufacturer suggests scheduling a fluid change.

There are a couple of signs that your fluid pressure is low. If you notice drops of fluid beneath the front end of your car, you have difficulty turning the steering wheel, or you hear a whining noise when you turn, there is likely a problem with your power steering fluid pressure.

Keep your brake fluid and steering fluid in good condition and you’re more likely to stay in control of your car or truck. To have your fluids inspected, bring your car to Christian Brothers Automotive Amarillo. Call to schedule an appointment with our Amarillo auto shop, and notice the nice difference in car repair!

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