Amarillo Mechanics Talk Transmission Issues

Amarillo Mechanics Talk Transmission Issues

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

Transmission problems can come up since most people don’t overly think about maintaining their transmissions with regular maintenance. For car owners in Texas this is especially important. It’s best to check your owner’s manual to see when your levels of transmission fluid should be flushed, and have them topped off at every oil change. This vigilance to all your car’s parts will save you from massive operating problems like transmission slippage.

A transmission will begin to go for many different reasons. The auto techs at Christian Brothers Automotive Amarillo are set to give you the best possible service when it comes to this transmission issues.

Old Transmission Components

The first cause of a transmission failure is old parts. The gears or clutch may have been used to the point where they actually catch when trying to adjust the gears. It’s a regular occurrence for these parts to break down over the years through the regular use of your vehicle. If you start to hear grinding or harsh sounds as you drive, take your car to a West Texas auto repair shop immediately! If a transmission band is worn or broken, you may have to deal with more engine troubles down the way.

Low Fluid Levels

Another way your transmission feels like it’s catching is just low transmission fluid levels. The fluid is responsible for cooling and keeping the components lubed up. If there isn’t enough fluid, it may cause your transmission to not work properly. On some cars, it’s okay to look at the fluid level with a dipstick under the hood. However, some cars and trucks don’t have a dipstick. It’s in situations like these where a professional mechanic at your local Amarillo auto repair shop needs to get into your vehicle, and take a peek around to find out what the problem really is with the transmission.

Fixing a Slipping Transmission

Once the issue is figured out, it can be a snap to fix the transmission. All you may need is to top off the fluids. With many cars, the, transmission filters and fluid are an easy replacement. At Christian Brothers Automotive Amarillo, we suggest a total transmission flushing to completely dump out the old fluid. The regular services only replaces some of the fluid, not all of it entirely like you should after so much regular use of the vehicle.

Any worn out parts like a shift gear of transmission band should be replaced as soon as you can. In many instances, the gears may need to be adjusted to the right position rather than being replaced. It all depends on how early the transmission problem is to handle.

At Christian Brothers Automotive Amarillo, our expert staff understands transmission disturbances! After we completely inspect the transmission we’ll chat with you about the repair and what you need to do before actually working on your car. You can truly count on us to give you the quality, honest automotive services you deserve with our 2-year/24,000-mile Nice Difference warranty! Call us today at Christian Brothers Automotive in Amarillo, TX to schedule your transmission service and see the nice difference!

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