Important Car Care Tips for Winter Travel

Important Car Care Tips for Winter Travel

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

1) Make sure your oil has been changed recently.

One of the things you need to watch out for is if the thickness of your motor oil is changing, as the weather gets colder. When the oil in the car becomes too thick, it will not start. To stop this from happening, there are multi-grade oils that are made to work in both cold and hot temperatures. The engine oil is very important as it keeps the engine parts properly coated, protecting them from becoming rusty. When you don’t change the oil regularly, the car’s health is at risk.

2) Maintain your tires for better traction.

Preventing your vehicle from slipping and sliding on the hazardous winter roads can be a challenge. When the temperature drops, the air in your tires gets thinner, leaving them flatter than normal. Your car may warn you when you need to put in more air with a low tire pressure warning light.

Another important factor to keep traction on the slick roads is the tire tread. Cars need a minimum of 1/8th inch of tread on the tires to navigate the roads safely. To ensure your vehicle’s tires have sufficient contact with the road, make sure the tires have good tread and get them replaced immediately if they don’t!

3) Brakes are the most important safety feature.

In the icy, slick road conditions it’s extremely important to be able to come to a full stop. Squeaky brakes or needing to put extra pressure on the brake pedals are indicators that you need to get your brakes inspected immediately by a local expert in Amarillo, Texas. Just because the brakes still do their job on dry roads, it doesn’t mean they will perform in wet weather.

Winter Maintenance in Amarillo, TX

At Christian Brothers Automotive Amarillo, our goal is to keep you safe while traveling the holidays. This season in particular, many drivers are already distracted by cell phones or fatigued from driving long distances. Ensuring your car is prepared for any weather could save you from an accident. Call Christian Brothers Automotive in Amarillo, Texas for a free courtesy inspection. Stay safe during your holiday travels, and see the nice difference!

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