5 Essential Facts About Your Car’s Cooling System

5 Essential Facts About Your Car’s Cooling System

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

This is a dangerous misconception because your cooling system has such a large role to play in the life of your engine. In fact, every year a huge number of engine breakdowns are attributed to overheating.

To keep you on top of the auto repair and maintenance game, the experts at Christian Brothers Automotive Amarillo are here to help! Our ASE-certified technicians have compiled a list of the most important facts you need to know about your vehicle’s cooling system.

1. The purpose of the cooling system is to remove heat

As the engine runs, it creates a huge amount of heat. The cooling system cycles a special fluid through the engine to pick up the surplus heat and disperse it through the ventilation system or outside the car.

2. Coolant isn’t the same thing as antifreeze

In fact, coolant is a mixture of antifreeze and water. Despite its name, antifreeze is susceptible to freezing in cold enough temperatures. By mixing the antifreeze with water, you can prevent freezing in the pipes.

3. Coolant leaks need to be fixed immediately

Many drivers believe a coolant leak can be dealt with by adding more coolant to the system. Actually, a leak is a serious problem. As coolant leaks out of the vehicle, it can corrode the engine and cause environmental damage.

4. Coolant is the most essential part of the cooling system

Coolant is responsible for taking heat away from the engine and protecting the engine’s metal components from rusting. A coolant leak is so dangerous because without coolant, the cooling system cannot function.

5. The cooling system needs to be checked with every oil change

The cooling system typically needs full service every 30,000-60,000 miles, but the coolant should be checked with every oil change. The technician will check the quality and levels of the coolant and ensure there is not a leak in the system.

Notice the Nice Difference in cooling system service

When your vehicle is brought in for service at Christian Brothers Automotive Amarillo, our ASE-certified technicians treat your cooling system with the respect it deserves. Our professionals are observant to any indications of problems and use the best BG products during service.

If it’s time for a cooling system check, call Christian Brothers Automotive in Amarillo, Texas today. See the nice difference!

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