Three Important Questions for A/C System Maintenance

Three Important Questions for A/C System Maintenance

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

How often should my A/C be inspected?

Your air conditioning system should be inspected whenever you start to notice a problem, such as the air not getting cold enough, or your vehicle taking too long to make cold air. A simple inspection will reveal exactly what the problems is and why your A/C isn’t doing its job.

What does, “recharging the system,” mean?

If your auto repair mechanic tells you that your A/C system needs to be recharged, what they’re saying is your system is in need of more refrigerant, or Freon. Refrigerant is the agent that chills the air before it goes into the cabin of your vehicle.

If the A/C problem is that you need to refill the system with more Freon, you should be cautious. The A/C is a closed system, which means you may have a leak. If the leak isn’t fixed, it could mean much bigger problems for your air conditioner or cooling system down the road. You don’t have to worry though, because with an A/C performance check, we can find the problems and have your vehicle back on the road in no time!

Is the cabin filter the same thing as the air filter?

No, they’re actually completely separate filters. Of course, they do have the same function all automotive filters have. All filters are designed to stop harmful debris and contaminants your vehicle encounters on the road from getting into the vehicle and wreaking havoc. The engine air filter specifically stops contaminants from entering your engine. The cabin filter, on the other hand, makes sure dirt, dust, pollen and other pollutants don’t come into the car through the A/C system.

Regardless of whether you have more questions or you’re ready to schedule A/C system maintenance, call Christian Brothers Automotive Warwick in Oklahoma City, OK. We will happily answer any of your questions, and help you take care of your car. See the nice difference today!

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