How to Choose Replacement Brake Pads

How to Choose Replacement Brake Pads

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

Your replacement brake pads might work for up to 50,000 miles. The most popular pad makers use organic, metallic or ceramic material to make the replacement brakes. This lining is the part of the brake that presses against the rotor, causing enough pressure to stop the wheels.

Once you have worn through the original brake pads (known as OEM pads), you need to choose a new set. You will also have options performance requirements. In this blog, we’ll go over your brake pad repair options so you can stop when you want. You can think about stopping power, fade resistance, noise, dust and wear.

First, consider materials. If you’re a fast driver or brake slammer, the semi-metallic alternatives might be best. The driver doesn’t have to worry about fade resistance relative to their high heat tolerance. The downsides are noise and dust. At Christian Brothers of Tyler, our mechanics don’t say these are best for typical driving.

Organic brake pads are the next main option. These are nearly noiseless and dust free, but the upsides come at the expense of friction.

The final top level grouping is ceramics. These are increasingly popular since asbestos brake pads were outlawed, and a great option for most vehicles. Choose ceramic pads for stopping power and heat tolerance. They don’t wear away too fast, either. Furthermore, the dust they emit is a barely noticeable light gray. But know that, in very high heat situations, ceramic replacement pads can overheat rotors.

Now that we know the stuff inside, we can go over their construction process. The main differentiator between the original manufacturer’s brakes and aftermarket varieties is glue vs. molding. Your car’s first brakes were molded to the shim at intense pressures.

With aftermarket replacements, the friction piece is glued with the backing plate to save money, and shims aren’t usually included. You can get fissures, cracks, and uneven wear.

The friendly brake replacement team at Christian Brothers can tell you more. Schedule a replacement job at your convenience.

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