Christian Brothers Automotive Insights: The ABC’s of Suwanee Auto Repair Part One

Christian Brothers Automotive Insights: The ABC’s of Suwanee Auto Repair Part One

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

The ABC’s of auto repair may not be as easy as 1, 2, 3, but at Christian Brothers Automotive, we promise to do everything we can to make things as simple as possible for our customers.

The ABC’s of auto repair:

  • AAC-related services are some of our most common auto repair requests. We want our customers to be comfortable and cool behind the wheel. Our ASE-certified technicians address any AC problem you’re experiencing and make sure your car is cool in no time.
  • B – Brakes are vital mechanisms on your car. At Christian Brothers, we’ll do everything we can to make sure you and your family are able to stop safely.
  • C – Courtesy Inspections are our way of keeping you informed about all your auto repair needs. Our experienced auto repair technicians will conduct a thorough inspection of your car, taking the guesswork out of car repair for you.
  • D – Drivetrain refers to all of the parts and pieces that make your car run and function properly. It also includes the systems that keep your car safe on the road, including the wheels, suspension, exhaust system, drive shaft, engine, and transmission.
  • EEngine Services—when performed regularly—keep your engine running and performing for you. Because we understand that engine replacement is a costly auto repair, we only resort to replacement after we’ve exhausted all of our other options.
  • FFuel efficiency can be achieved through regular auto repair and maintenance.
  • G – Guaranteed customer satisfaction is a hallmark at Christian Brothers Automotive and a principle we stand by every day. We promise that our auto repair technicians will do everything they can to repair your car—at the lowest cost possible.
  • H – Have auto repair questions? Contact your local Christian Brothers Automotive for your auto repair needs today.
  • IInspections should be an annual auto service for all car owners. The skilled technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive can help you maintain a safe, legal inspection.
  • J – Jumper cables should be kept in every car when possible. Is your car equipped with jumper cables?
  • K – Keep calm and call Christian Brothers. In case of an emergency where your car requires immediate auto repair, use the fast and easy store finder to help you locate the nearest Christian Brothers Automotive. Or keep the number to your local Christian Brothers Automotive in your phone book. The shop owner can help you find a tow and provide personal attention to your issue any time.
  • L – Leave your auto repair needs to our expert technicians. For your convenience, you’ll find a full list of our Christian Brothers Automotive maintenance and repair services on our website.

For additional information about auto repair services at Christian Brothers Automotive, visit our website and click on “Insights: The ABC’s of Auto Repair Part Two.”

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