Maintaining your Vehicle’s Air Conditioning to Enjoy This Summer

Maintaining your Vehicle’s Air Conditioning to Enjoy This Summer

| By: Blair Jordan, Christian Brothers Automotive Spring

As the temperatures get warmer, knowing that you can turn up the air conditioning in your vehicle is a luxury we have come to count on. What can you do if you start to notice that your A/C isn't performing like it used to? Here are some things that you can do to check for issues that might be affecting your A/C effectiveness. Take notes, they can help you when you are talking to your mechanic.

Test Your System

  • Turn the A/C on while your vehicle is running - Have the A/C blow out the center vents in the dash and put the A/C on the highest setting so diagnosis is easiest.
  • Listen - Listen to the air coming out of the vent, are there any unusual sounds coming from the vent? Out of the ordinary sounds could indicate an issue with your compressor.
  • Temperature of air - Put your hand in front of the vent and decide if the air is colder, the same as, or warmer than the air around you.
  • Flow of air - Keeping your hand in front the vent, feel the air pressure coming out on the highest A/C setting. Next, turn the vent down to it's lowest setting. How much of a difference in air flow are you able to detect?
  • Smell - Smell the air coming out of your vents. If there is an unusual smell if might be related to a leak or the need to change your cabin air filter.

Now that you have tested your A/C system, here are some common issues that your mechanic may need to address to get cool air moving properly again.

  • Cabin Air Filter - This can be a relatively easy and cost effective thing to check first. If your air pressure has been decreasing over time, or there is an unusual smell this could be the source. Check your owner's manual or do an online search for your make, model and year to see if it is time to replace this filter.
  • Fuses - Your A/C could stop working if a fuse is blown. Check your owner's manual to find out where your vehicle’s fuse panel is located and see if that could be the issue.
  • Blower Motor Issues - While you still have the vehicle running, turn on the heat. If you have air flow problems with your heat as well, your blower motor may have gone out. You may have a resistor issue if you can get the air to come out only in the high setting.
  • A/C Condenser - Usually located in front of your radiator. If you find blockages (dirt, leaves, etc.) on the front of the condenser gently clean the area.
  • Compressor Belt - This belt should fit tightly, so use your fingers to determine if there is a good pressure. If not, the belt may need to be replaced.
  • Low Refrigerant - The A/C system is enclosed, so if there is low refrigerant, it means that there is a leak somewhere. Look for oily spots on or around the hoses that attach the A/C components.

Knowing what is involved in your vehicle’s air conditioning system can help you to keep your system moving smoothly. At Christian Brothers Automotive Spring we are committed to providing service with transparency and integrity. We maintain, service and repair all makes and models of vehicles and utilize factory OEM diagnostic equipment to determine what issue needs to be solved. Our experienced technicians want you to understand what is wrong with your vehicle, so we will walk you through the details and let you know what your options are. The decision of which option to proceed with is in your hands, and we won't alter your vehicle in any way until you have signed off on the repairs.

Christian Brothers Automotive Spring is proud to offer our Nice Difference Warranty on repairs which is good for two years or 24,000 miles and it's whichever option benefits you the most. It is good nationwide, so no matter where your repair was first done, we will help you at any of our locations if you find you need any additional support. Our team in Spring is ready to help diagnose your air conditioning concerns, call us today!

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