Four Simple Ways to Maintain a Car’s Longevity

Four Simple Ways to Maintain a Car’s Longevity

| By: Blair Jordan, Christian Brothers Automotive Spring

Aside from purchasing a home, a car is one of the largest personal investments someone can make. And while we count on our vehicle to get us from place to place, our vehicle counts on us for regular maintenance and safe driving. Here is a look at four simple ways you can increase the longevity and efficiency of your beloved vehicle.

1. Get to Know your Vehicle

This sounds like a no-brainer but few people actually take the time to read their vehicle's owner's manual. Inside there is a ton of helpful information on what your car needs and when. Simple things like what kind of fuel and oil are recommended can make a huge impact on a car's performance. Also, if a person uses the wrong kind of fuel or oil it can void the car's warranty or worse, cause serious engine damage. Like people, every car is a little different and deserves proper care.

2. Give your Vehicle the Attention it Deserves

Washing and detailing your car is nice, but more so it is important to also pay attention to the car's systems. Regularly checking tire pressure is a simple measure that can help a car run with better fuel efficiency and have a shorter braking distance. Simple checks not only help a car run better but they also make your car safer. If windshield wipers are not working properly, replace them. It seems like a small thing but during a rainstorm, visibility is paramount. Likewise, making sure your car always has plenty of fuel is important. Like people, cars run better when they have plenty of fuel. If you run out of gas your car can break down. This can be as inconvenient as it is unsafe and eventually lead to engine problems.

3. Proper Maintenance of the Vehicle

There are several small repairs that are required for a properly maintained vehicle. Aside from the basics of having your oil changed, getting the car inspected and rotating tires, sometimes cars need replacement parts. It is best to change out these parts before they actually break. For instance, a timing belt. If you wait for the timing belt to break, your car will cease to function and you will have to tow it to the mechanic. What's worse is that when the timing belt breaks, it can damage other parts of the engine in the process. Another important rule to follow is, never ignore any leaks. If you ignore an oil leak, your entire engine can suffer and eventually overheat which may crack your radiator or your entire engine block. When a car light goes out it may seem like it can wait but those lights are part of your safety as a driver and can lead to a traffic ticket or worse, an accident.

4. Find Trustworthy Automotive Experts

No one says that you have to maintain your car all by yourself. Cars are complicated pieces of technology and deserve proper care from automotive experts. If an engine light goes on, always bring it to a mechanic right away. A trustworthy mechanic, like our ASE Certified team at Christian Brothers Automotive Spring, can tell you exactly what is wrong and prevent serious damage to your vehicle. A good mechanic knows the value of honesty and hard work and will try to give you the best deal because they want your customer loyalty.

Cars are expensive investments that require regular maintenance in order to run properly. Sometimes it is the little measures that can make a huge difference in a vehicle's performance. Reading your car's owner’s manual and finding a trustworthy automotive expert will help you ensure that your car reaches its full operating potential as well as its full shelf life. By choosing Christian Brothers Automotive Spring, you can feel secure knowing your car will be well-taken care by their friendly and certified technicians and enjoy a warranty on their work that's good nationwide. For more information about car maintenance or to schedule an appointment for your vehicle, contact us today.

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