Holy Heatwave! What Happened To My AC?

Holy Heatwave! What Happened To My AC?

| By: Blair Jordan, Christian Brothers Automotive Spring

With fall activities picking back up, it's more important than ever that your vehicle is functioning at peak performance. We've all been there before. We hop back into our cars on a hot sunny day to find that the air conditioning has gone completely AWOL. Now is the time to learn about causes of AC malfunctions to avoid the dreaded and sweaty road of the driver who has sadly and simply, lost their cool.

Leaky Culprits

Your closed loop air conditioning system was created intentionally to keep your refrigerant from evaporating. If the fluid is low, you can bet a leak is to blame. Because Freon leaks can come on slowly and be difficult to detect, you may want to consider enlisting the expertise of a certified technician to check your vehicle's system for the correct volume of fluid. Knowing your leak may be coming from other causes, your next area of exploration is likely to thoroughly evaluate the functioning status of your AC compressor.  

Compressor Gone Kaput

Just like any other part on your vehicle, your AC compressor can wear out over time. Without a properly functioning compressor, Freon cannot efficiently circulate and heat will continue to linger in the cabin of your car. Should your compressor be faulty due to an electrical issue in the compressor circuit or clutch, your best bet may be to enlist a certified technician to replace and repair your fragile compressor once and for all.

Full of Hot Air

Should you find your AC blowing hot air, broken fans or faulty blades may be to blame. This, in addition to electrical issues, may cause your unit to malfunction. Depending on the make and model of your vehicle this could be a do it yourself project or one that requires professional intervention. 

Relying on the Pros

Today's vehicles are commanded by a variety of wires, switches, and fuses that need to work in harmony in order for your vehicle to function properly. When intricate systems such as air conditioning breakdown, professional expertise may be required to get your vehicle up and running again at peak performance. You can count on the ASE-certified technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive Spring to properly diagnose and treat your repair needs with quality service.  We approach auto repair work with transparency, integrity, and compassion and look forward to working with you today so you can be out and on your way again tomorrow.

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