A Big Prayer and a Simple Act of Faith

A Big Prayer and a Simple Act of Faith

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

A big prayer

For over a year, he prayed consistently with Young Life leader and mentor Kim Talley. Together, they prayed for a group where Tommy could continue to move away from his selfished, confused prior life and further into grace.

One day, in what seemed to be the smallest of ways, God answered Tommy’s prayer. Tommy was introduced to the Trulock family. The Trulock family spiritually shepherded Tommy through the rest of high school, befriending and discipling him until graduation. Tommy returned the favor by later helping Mark Trulock in a time of need.

An act of faith

For the next 20 years, Tommy remained close with the Trulock family and Mark went on to work for the Christian Brothers Automotive corporate headquarters in Houston. When a franchise opportunity opened up in Tulsa, Tommy was the first call Mark made. Mark helped Tommy get in touch with the right people at Christian Brothers Automotive headquarters and Tommy began the thorough evaluation process to ensure this business and this franchise would be the right fit.

From a high schooler’s prayers to a loving family’s discipleship, the Lord grew a friendship between two young men that would continue for more than two decades. Today, Tommy Keeter is the proud owner of Christian Brothers Automotive Meadowbrook.

28 years after praying fervently for a good spiritual home and a group of strong Christians to grow in faith with, Tommy has found both in his own Christian Brothers Automotive franchise.

Tommy and Christian Brothers Automotive Meadowbrook are living proof that even small acts of faith can bring huge outcomes of glory to the Kingdom of God.

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