Omaha Drivers: Pay Attention to Your Exhaust

Omaha Drivers: Pay Attention to Your Exhaust

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

Like anything in the modern day car, it’s a little more complex than that.

Exhaust manifolds, oxygen censors, the catalytic converter and the muffler work in unison to create cleaner emissions while reducing engine noise and protecting you from harmful gasses. Without this system, driving wouldn’t be much fun.

The Exhaust System Helps Diagnose Car Problems

The exhaust system plays a helpful role in determining automotive issues. All you have to do is look at the color of the exhaust emitted from the tail pipe. The skilled technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive Omaha have laid out what each exhaust smoke color means, depending on if your car has a gasoline or diesel engine.

Vehicles with Gasoline Engines

Visible Exhaust Color


Possible Explanations

Black or Gray Exhaust

Incomplete combustion of the fuel is causing smoke to enter the exhaust system.•   Air filter is congested

•   Carburetor, choke, fuel injection or emission system is defective

•   Ignition timing is off

•   Manifold is clogged

•   Leaking oil is contaminating the exhaust

Blue Exhaust

The oil in the engine is being burned.•   Oil leaking into combustion chamber

•   Damaged piston rings, valves or cylinders

White Exhaust

In the combustion chamber, coolant or water is being vaporized.•   Engine is not hot enough

•   Head gasket is leaking

•   Cylinder head or block is cracked

Vehicles with Diesel Engines

Visible Exhaust ColorDiagnosisPossible Explanations
Black or Gray ExhaustSmoke is being created by the incomplete combustion of fuel.•   Unreliable injection system•   Worn air filter•   Incorrect fuel grade•   Ignition timing needs adjusting•   Engine is overheating•   Oil is leaking into the exhaust
Blue ExhaustAtomized or burned engine oil.•   Oil level is too high in the engine•   Valves, cylinders or piston rings are worn
White ExhaustThe fuel fails to burn.•   Engine is not hot enough•   Injection system failing•   Off timing•   The engine has overheated

Preventative Maintenance at Christian Brothers Automotive Omaha

The exhaust system is a helpful tool you can use to diagnose a host of problems with your vehicle. These problems aren’t expensive to fix unless you put off taking care of them.

Our 2-year/24,000-mile Nice Difference warranty can help you rest easy that your vehicle is being well taken care of. Preventative maintenance is the best way to keep your auto shop visits affordable and enjoyable.

Christian Brothers Automotive Omaha is dedicated to providing the citizens of Nebraska with the best service possible. Nothing is ever implied and we always consult the customer before any work is started.

If the exhaust from your car has magically changed colors, bring it to your local auto repair shop to prevent any further damage. Make time for an exhaust system check, call Christian Brothers Automotive in Omaha, Nebraska for service, and come see the nice difference.

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