Power Steering Fluid Explained by Omaha, NE Experts

Power Steering Fluid Explained by Omaha, NE Experts

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

A power steering system, however, can’t function correctly without the power steering fluid so maintaining the fluid is essential to keeping control of your vehicle on the road. That’s why our ASE-certified technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive Omaha in Omaha, Nebraska are sharing what you need to know about power steering fluid and answer many questions about changing the fluid.

What is power steering fluid?

Power steering fluid is a hydraulic fluid that’s responsible for moving power throughout the system. Thankfully, the fluid is quite simple to service. All you have to do in flush out the old fluid and put in some new power steering fluid.

Should I do this service when recommended?

While some service recommendations can be given a degree of lenience, we definitely suggest you follow the owner’s manual for replacing power steering fluid. Fluid is the cheapest component of a power steering system and changing it will increase the longevity of more expensive parts like the power steering pump and power steering rack.

Why do I need to change the fluid?

The fluid will slowly lose potency over time. Furthermore, it will become contaminated. Pollutants, dirt or other residue in the fluid mean the pump must work harder, causing it to degrade faster. Changing the fluid is much more economical than replacing the pump.

What are the common power steering symptoms?

If your steering wheel is becoming more difficult to turn, you are probably experiencing one of the most common signs of power steering fluid problems. Perhaps the fluid has degraded or the fluid amount is low. It’s always recommended to take care of leaks before they evolve into bigger problems. In any rate, the problem should be taken care of right away. Ignoring it will simply worsen the problem, making the wheel harder to turn and eventually creating worse damage to the power steering system.

If there’s a whining or moaning noise while you steer the wheel, it can be an indicator that the pump is near the end. You don’t want the pump to completely go out while you’re driving, so find your way to your local Omaha, NE auto repair shop immediately!

Power Steering Maintenance at Christian Brothers Automotive Omaha

The power steering system is necessary for your day-to-day vehicle operations. Without the right amount of fluid to keep the system functioning, it’s only a matter of time before more serious power steering problems arise. At our local auto repair shop in Nebraska, we want to help our customers understand what they need to know to make the right car repair decisions. Most of our services are also backed up by the 2-year/24,000-mile Nice Difference warranty so you can be sure the car will be back on the road in tip-top shape.

Give us a ring today at Christian Brothers Automotive Omaha in Omaha, Nebraska to schedule power steering maintenance for your car.

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