3 Inspection Myths Busted By The Professional Technicians At Our Omaha Auto Repair Shop

3 Inspection Myths Busted By The Professional Technicians At Our Omaha Auto Repair Shop

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

Between amateur mechanics and unethical auto repair shops, too many drivers have been taken advantage of.

When our store offers a free courtesy inspection, we’re often met with apprehension.

This is due to several unfortunate myths surrounding car inspections. To clear up some of the confusion, the dedicated staff at Christian Brothers Automotive Omaha has decided to bust a few myths. Here are 3 misconceptions about our courtesy inspections.

Myth #1: Only the outside of the vehicle is checked

During a complimentary courtesy inspection at Christian Brothers Automotive Omaha, the entire vehicle is essentially looked over. Once our ASE-certified technicians have checked all crucial systems inside and outside, the car is placed on a lift to inspect the underside.

Fluids, leaks, the brake system, tires, battery terminals, belts, hoses, the suspension system, the front end, axles, steering components, filters and wiper blades are all checked.

The inspection is mostly visual, but we also test drive the car, listening for noises and irregularities.

Myth #2: The inspection is used to push unnecessary services

Our honest staff is constantly fighting the misconception that the courtesy inspection is a tool used to sell customers parts and services they don’t need. In reality, the courtesy inspection is our way of providing a list of prioritized needs and vehicle information to the customer.

This helps drivers plan for expenses and spread them out to better fit into a budget. Our goal is to give you as much information as possible to make an informed decision. Our job is not to pressure customers into buying unneeded replacements.

Myth #3: The inspection will solve all problems

The courtesy inspection will only find issues that are producing some kind of symptom. A common misconception is that inspections will find every current problem and predict future issues. Customers often ask, “Since you just checked everything a few weeks ago, why you didn’t tell me the AC was about to go out?”

If there was no symptom indicating a system is going out, the inspection cannot predict the future problem. Despite its limitations, the inspection is thorough and provides a great basis for scheduled maintenance services and immediate needs.

Our experts offer a free courtesy inspection to every vehicle brought into Christian Brothers Automotive Omaha for any service. This complete visual inspection will bring to light fluid leaks, worn-out parts and irregularities in the engine.

Call Christian Brothers Automotive in Omaha, Nebraska today to schedule a maintenance service. Receive a free courtesy inspection, and see the nice difference!

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