Scheduled Maintenance in Omaha, NE


Oil Changes

Christian Brothers Automotive advises that you have an oil and filter change every 3,000 miles. Clean oil keeps your engine functioning properly and helps prevent potential repairs.

Engine Flushes

If you have never had your fuel system cleaned and you have been driving the same car for years, then your car is most likely not operating at its peak. A Christian Brothers Automotive ASE-certified expert can flush your car’s engine, which will improve your miles per gallon and benefit your car by cleaning the unburned fuel deposits in your engine.

Tire Rotation

Having your tires rotated will significantly improve their lifetime and will offer you a smoother ride.

When a vehicle is brought in to Christian Brothers Automotive, it goes through a Courtesy Inspection. Our ASE-certified experts can spot minor automotive issues before they need extensive repairs. If you notice your automotive problems early, your vehicle will be safer and you will conserve money in the long term, since basic auto repair is considerably less expensive than major vehicle replacement.

Do you need routine scheduled maintenance on your vehicle? Call Christian Brothers Automotive in Omaha near Standing Bear Reservoir, or come by for service today. Our shop is located caddy-corner to the Harley Davidson at:

17330 Evans Street
Omaha, NE 68116