AC Services in Omaha, NE


Christian Brothers Automotive performs industry-leading A/C repairs. Air conditioning service at a Christian Brothers Automotive includes a 1-year/12,000-mile service warranty. Our ASE-certified technicians utilize only the finest tools and techniques for A/C diagnosis, service and repairs. Many other auto repair shops will just pump in freon for a rapid fix, while our technicians actually take the time to find the source of the problem in order to repair it completely.

We will also completely evacuate the refrigerant in your vehicle. Did you know that your air conditioning system’s ability to make cool air could be limited by having too much refrigerant? Our ASE-certified specialists will make sure that the refrigerant put into your vehicle is weighed down to the manufacturer’s settings. When your air conditioning system has the correct amount of refrigerant in it, the system will operate properly.

When your car is in need of air conditioning service, give us a call, or come see us near Indian Creek Golf Course.