Brake Service in Omaha, NE


If your breaks squeak when you press them, it is usually a sign that your brake pads are damaged and need to be changed. Don’t disregard this problem! If you don’t get the brake pads fixed, the extra abrasion will harm the rotors beyond repair, which means you’ll need an expensive replacement.

Changing out your vehicle’s brake pads is simple maintenance, but Christian Brothers Automotive goes above and beyond for you and your car. Our ASE-certified professionals are sure to include every single component that is built specifically for the brake pads we put on your automobile.

Our brake service is also comprised of resurfacing your automobile’s rotors. Rotors are extremely important when it comes to slowing down your vehicle. Without them it would be very difficult for your vehicle to come to a complete stop. Christian Brothers Automotive lubricates and resurfaces your vehicle’s rotors back to the manufacturer’s settings.

Brake fluid is also a crucial part of your vehicle’s braking system. Most auto repair shops will just top off your brake fluid, but Christian Brothers Automotive in Northwest Omaha utilizes only clean brake fluid for brake service, which aids in restoring your overall braking system’s performance.

If you are having difficulty with your brakes, call us or stop by Christian Brothers Automotive near Hwy 64.