Engine Services in Omaha, NE

These signs indicate that you need engine service:

If oil is dripping from your vehicle’s engine, see Christian Brothers Automotive in Omaha for service or repair. Normally oil leaks mean that the seals are dried and hardened. When this occurs, the seals won’t work properly. If you don’t take care of an oil leak right away, then it can result in pricey engine problems.

Tune-ups are the very best way to keep from needing automobile repairs. A lot of tune-ups feature spark plug replacement, recasting the timing chain or belt, replacing air and fuel filters, and testing all engine components.

The most standard engine problem involves the automobile’s timing chain or belt. Christian Brothers Automotive proposes that you have your engine inspected every 60,000 miles.

Christian Brothers Automotive tells you when you ought to have your car’s fluids flushed and a fuel injection cleaning. Your automobile will be more efficient if you have a clean engine with the correct liquid.

Christian Brothers Automotive in West Omaha is proud to have honest and reliable auto repair service technicians. We will never make you buy a part that your vehicle doesn’t need, nor will we perform a repair without your permission. Call us or come by our auto repair shop near Elkhorn.