Short On Cash? Now You Don’t Have To Wait To Get Your Car Repaired In North Dallas, TX

At Christian Brothers Automotive in North Dallas, TX, we know that a lot of the time, auto repairs are an unplanned expense. And quite often, our customers in North Dallas, Carrollton and Plano TX do not have enough extra money in their budget to pay for the car repair when it happens. So, they wait to get their car repaired. And, unfortunately, a lot of the times, the problem gets worse. Not anymore! In order to better serve our auto repair customers in North Dallas, Carrollton and Plano, TX – and help ensure they get the car repairs they need to get done as quickly as possible, we just started offering a free in-house auto repair financing option! No credit check and no interest! Watch the video below for more details:

If you are short on cash and in need of some car repairs in North Dallas, Plano, or Carrollton, TX, give us a call today at (469) 208-3896 or request an appointment online here.

In-House Auto Repair Financing Dallas, TX

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