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Christian Brother’s on Happy Valley’s operating principle is to ‘Love our neighbors as ourselves’ (Matthew 22:39), and we strive to give back to our employees, their families, and our community.

Thank you for supporting us and enabling us to touch many lives through our work here at this shop. We believe every community needs a few things to be at its best, and we strive to fill the need of an honest and reliable mechanic in the neighborhood. We are only able to give out of what we have been given. Thank you for relying on us when you have a need.

-Matt & Amy Hunter, and our entire CBA family.

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Vehicle Donations:

If you have a vehicle to donate, a vehicle that needs more repairs than it’s worth, or you feel like it’s time to move on from it – Please know that we prayerfully, skillfully, and wholeheartedly try and place vehicles that we make reliable, with those who have a real need. We have many resources such as being able to acquire the parts, the labor, the machinery – But without the donated vehicle itself we are not able to do much.

In many instances we will make the repairs and donate your vehicle, or more practically we will fix-up the vehicle and sell it, and from there we take the profits, and we are able to fix and bless many families with metal-on-metal brakes, busted axles, bald tires, and all sort of safety and reliability issues that someone simply can’t afford to fix. You are always welcomed and encouraged to be part of that process along with us, it can be a very powerful moment.

We look for single moms, widows, gold-star families, foster families, caregivers, families with disabled persons, and all other kinds of needs where someone needs a lift, and to feel Gods care for them.

2002 Nissan Pathfinder Donation, with a new engine, brakes, fluids, and starter.

2002 Nissan Pathfinder Donation, with a new engine, brakes, fluids, and starter.

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A Grand Cherokee that needed just a little bit of work that was donated to us, now belongs to Jackie. While at the Superstar Car Wash at 39th Ave and Happy Valley, while we were washing a car – The lane attendant was telling us about someone who recently lost an entire engine. We asked to meet the owner so we could get a sense of what was happening, and see the vehicle, and that we would look it over and see if it could be saved. It was a total loss. We had just received this Jeep a short time earlier, and we felt we had a solution for her and gave her the keys just a few days later. Take care, Jackie!

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This beautiful GMC Yukon was a 1-owner vehicle by a local family, who had it for over 15 years! It was lovingly cared for and very clean, but the transmission was giving out. After some time to think about it, the customer donated the vehicle, and we installed a new transmission and were able to give it away too.

We share in the joy, but it is God alone who brought it all together. Someone donated the vehicle, the HUB Garage donated the transmission, someone else located a family in need, we just installed it, and we still hear from them every now and then when they need an oil change. We hope it lasts 15 more years for you guys! Thank you to this anonymous donor as well! So generous.

A local resident threw up a ‘Hail-Mary’ social-media post to help a friend, if anybody out there could help his friend, who wasn’t sure how he was going to manage. His vehicle suffered a total engine loss, along with other concerns. The real problem for this gentleman was that without a reliable vehicle, he was in danger of losing parental visits and shared custody with his daughter. Christian Brother’s Corporate office in Texas came across it on ‘LinkedIn’ of all places. They located his nearest shop, which was ours, and asked us to take a look at it. None of it could be saved, it was a total loss. With the generous Help of the HUB garage who donated the engine, we donated the Labor, and this gentleman was able to resume his visits with his daughter. We are glad that your daughter gets to be with her Dad!

Annual Day of Giving

One Saturday a year, we open our shop to help single moms, widows, gold-star families, foster families, caregivers, families with disabled persons, and many others with basic services and repairs.

What is particularly special about this day is that the Technicians donate 100% of their time to give back to this community that supports us, and all the parts are at no charge.

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The HUB Garage’s Mission:

To give single moms the power they need to keep themselves and their families moving.


We are an annual drop-off center for Toys-For-Tots for the North Phoenix area, and the response is always considerable from the neighborhood. We receive thousands of dollars in new toys in only a few short weeks and are always amazed away by the generosity of the neighbors. Please remember us each Christmas, and you also receive a coupon for a future service when you drop off a toy.

Paco the ‘Toy Guard’ at his post!

Fill the ‘Big Red’ Pick-up Truck 2021

Fill the ‘Big Red’ Pick-up Truck 2022

Helping Hands for Single Moms mission is to help single moms improve their future for their families, by being able to graduate college. The lives of these women often get harder when going to college and trying to maintain the other aspects of raising a family, alone. We support their effort and donate 100% free vehicle labor towards their program’s mothers, and Helping Hands provides the parts, which supports them with their commutes back and forth to school to help them graduate. Something as simple as a car that stops working can be a breaking point for these moms.‚Äč

rescued not arrested

Roger Munchian, a local resident who we first met as a customer, meets with many incarcerated inmates in the local jails and provides support to inmates and their families. Roger shares his story with many about how he himself was incarcerated, and how God used that experience to change his life for the better. He delivers free bibles all over the world and inside Maricopa jails, he guides them with next steps on how to re-enter society with aftercare programs and adjusting back into society outside prison. Roger’s book is always available in our lobby for no charge.

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Her PLAN (Pregnancy and Life Assistance Network) facilitates collaboration between assistance providers and their communities to empower women and families through comprehensive medical, social, and material support.

Local Teams, Boosters, Academies, and PTSA’s we support: