Community involvement


If you have a Vehicle that needs a little work (and sometimes a lot of work), and are considering parting ways with it - We have been able to make the repairs on our end, and then give them away.

God sends us the Car - God sends us the person in need - And we just arrange the meeting.

2 weeks ago, we met Jackie at 43rd Ave and Happy Valley shopping plaza where she works, who wasn't asking for anything. We 'overheard' her car needed a new engine. We looked it over and it needed a new engine and alot more.

We had been sitting on this Jeep for several months, and we knew she was the one. We are not looking to call attention to ourselves, but we can only help people insofar as far as we have cars to give. We are just passing the gifts through that you gave to us.

Thank you Mike Crdeschi for this gift of the Jeep

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